Chris Wall

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Photography has always been an interest of mine.  I have always thought that as i got closer and closer to retirement age, maybe i could move into a part time photography business and make a little lunch money!


Lately I have really gotten interested in the video part of most of the camera equipment I have.  It is incredible to be able to shot a 4K or 8K video on a modern camera body.  And with free or paid for NLE programs one can make a professional grade short film.

Web Design

I dabble a little in web design, nothing big.  I have been playing with WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver creating HTML & CSS sites, as well as two Mac apps – RapidWeaver and  Blocs.  They are both basically GUIs to create Bootstrap sites.

Long Range Shooting

My greatest interest/hobby is long range shooting.  Long range shooting is a collective term for shooting disciplines where the shooter has to engage targets at such long distances that he has to calculate ballistics, especially in regards to wind. While shooting at shorter or “regular” ranges, one usually has to adjust the sights only in regards to gravity (which is constant) but, when the range is extended, wind drift will be the first factor affecting precision to the extent that it must be taken into account. Some would argue that long range shooting starts where assessment of wind, distance, and various atmospheric conditions are equally important for the results as pure shooting skills – meaning that even if one conducts a technically perfect shot, the shooter will miss the target because of incorrect calculations, or forgetting to take some element into consideration. It is widely accepted within interdisciplinary circles that long range means the target is more than 600 meters away, while extreme long range is generally accepted as when the target distance is more than 1000 meters away from the shooter.

There are several competitive match circuits that typically consist of targets at long range. Benchrest shooting events are often between 100 and 900 meters (≈ 100 to ≈ 1000 yards), F-Class is typically the same with 300 to 900 meters (≈ 300 to ≈ 1000 yards). A growing form of interdisciplinary shooting, becoming known as Practical Precision, places targets at virtually any distance from 100 to 1800 meters and the scoring is hit/ miss on steel targets of various sizes and from various positions (standing, kneeling, prone). This type of match is quickly becoming more popular than F-Class.

You have already seen my two favorite rifles in the top image, but i also have a Ruger Precision Rifle that is extremely accurate – but it is right handed and i am left…  The RPR is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, the two above are 6.5 Creedmoor and 6mm Dasher.

rifle and chronograph
800 yard steel


I grew up part of my week when I was a kid on a working ranch.  My father and I built fences, fixed fences, worked the cattle, etc.  We really enjoyed the weekends we spent working outside together.  Over the years we have enjoyed hunting and fishing together, but recently i have really gotten into the PRS type shooting.  There is just something special about hearing the impact of a bullet on a piece of steel at 800 – 1200 yards.